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tm3166412635 A Novel facial Oil Blotting Film Based on Biodegradable Thermoplastic from Palm Oil
tm3166312634 A Novel Cost-Effective Culture System for Mass Cloning of Plants
tm3166212633 A Microscale Chemistry Approach to Malaysian Form Four Chemistry Experiments
tm3166012631 A Method of Treating Crude Oil Using Microorganism
tm3165912630 3G-Streaming System (JMCS)
tm3165812629 A Quick Verification Method of Fresh and Minced Chicken and Pork Meat
tm3165712628 A quick verification/differentiation method of fresh or minced chicken and pork meat
tm3165612627 A Quick Verification/Differentiation Methods of Fresh/Minced Chicken and Pork Meat
tm3165512626 Academic Integrated Management System (AIMS)
tm3165412625 Acel Neural Net Toolbox
tm3165312624 Aerosol Haruan sebagai Plaster untuk luka dan Luka bakar ( SkinFit)
tm3165212623 Agen Antimikrob Daripada Bahan Semulajadi
tm3165112622 Agro-Synthetic Table Top
tm3165012621 Airlift Culture Vessel
tm3164912620 AirWarn - Intelligent Air Pollution Warning System
tm3164812619 Algorithm for Clustering Problems
tm3164712618 Alupus Food - Waste Handling Unit
tm3164612617 Alupus food waste Handling Unit
tm3164512616 An energy efficient Electrogenerative process for the recovery and removal of heavy metals from effluents of electroplating and surface finishing industries.
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