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tm3447615447 External water filter with dual-functional photoelectrochemical sensor-adsorbent of copper(II) ions
tm3104012011 Breakthrough in isolation of Humic Substance
tm3103912010 Sustainable Technology for Reduction of Ammonia Pollution in the Environment
tm3103812009 Public BENCH' with element of Malay Traditional
tm3103712008 433.92 MHz Single Port SAW-Resonator for High Temperature Applications
tm3103612007 A Devise for Making Tablets for Herbal Powders
tm3103512006 A Fast Electromagnetic Solver using Half-sweep and Quarter-sweep Approaches in Source Free Region
tm3103412005 A Framework for Forensic Investigation of Symbian Mobile O.S
tm3103312004 A Gas Permeability Apparatus for Porous Media
tm3103212003 A Herbicide Formulation
tm3103112002 A Host Mobility Support with Adaptive Network Selection Method in Hybrid Wireless Environment
tm3103012001 A Method for Purifying The nucleocapsid Protein of Nipah Virus
tm3102912000 A Method Of Extracting And Purifying Polyhydroxyalkanoate Bioplastic
tm3102811999 A Natural Compound From A Local Herbal Plant As A Potential Cure Cervical Cancer
tm3102711998 A new robust data compressor for GIS spatial data compression
tm3102611997 A Novel Additive that Reduces Oil Absorption and Fat Deterioration in Food
tm3102511996 A Novel Bacterium Producing Polyhydroxyalkanoates From Palm Oil Mill Effluent.
tm3102411995 A Novel Cold Active Bifunctional Enzyme for Low Temperature Industrial Application.
tm3102311994 A Novel High Rate In-Vessel Composter for Oil Palm Biomass, Organic and Municipal Wastes
tm3102211993 A Novel High Thrust Density Transverse Flux Linear Motor
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