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tm3110012071 3 Wheels Motorcycle for Person With Disabilities
tm3109912070 A Clinical Application System via Mobile Platform Version 2.0 (Capsule V2.0)
tm3109812069 Android-Based Dogtag Recognition for Cadet Training Evaluation and Reporting System
tm3109712068 Arsenic Test Kit for Drinking Water
tm3109612067 Battery low indicator for car
tm3109512066 Car crash notifier with geographic coordinator using android application
tm3109412065 Ceiling Top Rainwater Harvesting System
tm3109312064 Central Switch Box Tester
tm3109212063 Coconut Coir Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites (C2-NaFReC): A Novel Vibration Pad Material for Light Weight Construction Joining System
tm3109112062 Composite Mortar as a Thermal Resistance for Wall Finishing
tm3109012061 Design Of Motorized Scooter
tm3108912060 Dual Filtration Rainwater Harvesting
tm3108812059 Easy Deployment Warning Sign for Vehicles
tm3108712058 Eco-Friendly Bioplastic -Titania Nanofibers Capable of Simultaneous Adsorption and Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Pollutants
tm3108612057 Effective Alert System for Faulty Traffic Light Using One Touch System
tm3108512056 Enhancing Graphical Password System Resistant to Shoulder Surfing Using Playing Cards
tm3108412055 Filtered Rainwater Harvesting Systems
tm3108312054 Gempalocate: Earthquake Zone Emergency Personal Locator
tm3108212053 G-Nur-Geo Fence National Urgent Response Alert System
tm3108112052 Graphical Password
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