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tm3316814139 Rapid Composting Of Rice Husk Ash (RHA)with Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO)
tm3022411195 Variable Frequency Shaking Table Model Akni 1.0
tm3022311194 Uninterruptible Power Supply Using Solar System
tm3022211193 UNI-FEZ: A Novel Fertilizer from Agricultural Waste
tm3022111192 Triple Play Services of OCDMA System Using Random Diagonal Code
tm3022011191 The Settlement Analysis of treated Marine Clay
tm3021911190 The efficient design of three phase transformer core
tm3021811189 The Effect of Indium Doped Photoanode and Organic DYes on the Performance of DSSC
tm3021711188 Testing Kit for Measuring Practical Intelligence in Diagnosing Equipment Faults
tm3021611187 TB-Screen: Intelligent Automated Diagnostic System for Tuberculosis Detection
tm3021511186 Superb MSE : Potential Local Medical Herb As Analgesics For Morphine
tm3021411185 Stem DSSC Kit- from Juice to Power
tm3021311184 Stancewheel
tm3021211183 SSDEM: Statistical Software for Fitting Distribution and Estimating Missing Values in Environment Data Set.
tm3021111182 Snatch Guard: An Innovative and Cost Performance Solution for Crime Prevention
tm3021011181 Smart-Lapas : Linear Automated Flow Line Productivity and Failure Rate Assessment Interface System
tm3020911180 Smart Harvester (SH15)
tm3020811179 Smart Emergency Plug-And-Use Generator
tm3020711178 Simple Silicon Based Bio Sensor
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