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tm2921910190 360 Degrees Legible High Frequency Interface for Magnetic Coupling RFID Reader
tm2921810189 A Continuous Aerobic Composter
tm2921710188 A Living Tracheal Substitute for Tracheal Trauma
tm2921610187 A Method for Detecting Tumor Marker and Diagnostic Kit There of
tm2921510186 A Method for Measuring the Emotional Quotient(EQ) of an Individual and a Questionnaire Therefor
tm2921410185 A Method of Preparing Natural Fibre/PollYester Composites from Recycled PET
tm2921310184 A Method of Preparing Natural Fibre/Polyster Composites from Recyled Pet
tm2921210183 A Multi-Layered Breathing Door
tm2921110182 A Novel Multi-Band RFID Reader Antenna
tm2921010181 A Packaged Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) Devices
tm2920910180 A Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Production
tm2920810179 A Roselle Mutant Line with High Content of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)
tm2920710178 A Solar Dryer (Solar assisted dehumidification system)
tm2920610177 A Sustainable Toilet System
tm2920510176 A Triangular Shape Metamaterial Design for Star Reduction
tm2920410175 A Web Collaborative Multimedia Content Creation and Management Automation System (CMAS)
tm2920310174 A-1 BOD (Patient Transfer Device)
tm2920210173 ABiotech An Instrument Measuring Public Attitude Towards Modern Biotechnology
tm2920110172 Active compound of Labisia Pumila for treatment of osteoporosis
tm2920010171 Advanced Thin-Film Flexible Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell
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