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ID : tm3156712538

Literacy Project (Basic Education Research Unit, School of Education Studies)

Literacy has been acknowledged to be a basic skill for everyone. It is not limited to possessing the abilities of reading and writing in a mechanical manner but rather encompasses perception, understanding as well as those that enable people to function adequately in social and employment situations. The concept of literacy in this project unifies the concepts of functional literacy, living and cultural literacy which requires the acquisition of level of knowledge based on the integration of skills in reading, writing, counting, listening, verbalizing as well as thinking. It is through this project that BERU, aspire to use creative writing in order to develop language literacy among children an in addition the healthy development of mathematical literacy.
Children's Own Stories is a collection of story books written by school children as a creation of their own imagination and they illustrations they drew were the realization of these creative imaginations.
The research in mathematical literacy revealed that there were children who really lacked understanding as compared to those who just need practice. The four modules produced by this project have several positive impacts on classroom assessment, particularly as a diagnostic tool for teachers to assess students' number sense or mathematical literacy.

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ID : tm3158712558

Handheld intelligent taste sensor

The production of a majority of food & health product depend on the a SENSORY EVALUATION of a panel of trained personnel. However the human sensory system varies with daily
physical & mental conditions. To enable continuous automatic production of food & health products with reliable quality & reproducibility a sensor that provides A QUANTITATIVE measure of taste & flavour is highly desired.
A MULTICHANNEL TASTE SENSOR consists of lipid membrane transducers. The sensor simulates the human
gustatory (taste) system, basedon the global selectivity concept (non-specific). This taste sensor is
aplicable for rapid quality monitoring of food & health products at all stages & scale of productions.
The sensor will be useful tool for food & pharmaceutical industries in monitoring

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ID : tm3159212563

Freshness Index of Meat (a) Chicken-Halal Market (b) Pork-Non-Halal Market

The food industries have been relying on their suppliers to provide fresh meat as raw materials for production. The variations in the freshness of the meat cause variation in the final products??? quality. The time has come for the industries to test and verify the extent of freshness in the raw materials before further processing. This can be done using the freshness index (FI) that could be obtained in less than 3 hours. FI provides a quick way to tell fresh from frozen meat.

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ID : tm3159312564

FaceBARS: Face Biometric for Attendance Recording System

FaceBARS utilizes the most contemporary face recognition technology for automatic attendance recording purpose. It is robust towards illumination changes and recognizes an identity in a split second. It is suitable for low illumination areas such as commercial office buildings and high-security buildings. All verification processes including the users face will be recorded in a database which is made accessible via the internet for real-time monitoring by authorized personnels.

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ID : tm3161812589

Clinical Linguistic Decision Support System for the Differential Diagnosis of Child Language Disorders and Digital Brain Atlas

The Health Care Services in Malaysia,although a highly knowledge -intensive sector,has traditionally been very slow and fragmented in its use of information technology in its general,private hospitals and clinics;particularly in diagnosing and administering treatment to children with language disorders.The responsibility for both diagnosing and administering treatment to children with language disorders is often placed with either junior or non-specialist doctors who frequently have relatively little experience in this area.Crucially,despite the numerous studies that have been conducted since the first half of the 19th century;child language impairment remains a disorder that cannot be easily diagnosed and discerned due to its similar characteristics to other language disorders. These problems necessitate the development of a clinical linguistic decision support system (CLDSS) for the differential diagnosis of child language disorders and digital brain atlas (DBA) to aid the junior and non-specialist doctors in the diagnostic process by suggesting a possible diagnosis.In studies and clinical trials,CLDSS and DBA have proved that they are fast,easy to use,improve patient safety and quality of care by augmenting providers' knowledge and cognitive skills in hospitals.

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ID : tm3513715764

Smart Chromo Vision Kit

Smart chromo vision kit is a unique, smart and convenient colour chart guide designed in the form of a wristband, a watch and a coin pouch. This invention enables the colour blind people to correctly identify the colour that they observe by matching against the chart provided on these products.

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