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MASTICLink holds the largest single source of information available in the country on S&T human resource, projects and facilities. This information is contributed by various individuals and organisations from government agencies including institutes of higher learning (IHL) and government research institutes (GRI) in Malaysia. These searchable databases are available to the public and accessible by MASTIC portal member for free. The following information currently available in the MASTICLink :

  • Directory of STI Organisation
    • This directory provides a listing of organisations involved in scientific and technological related activities in Malaysia. The information is based on surveys conducted by MASTIC and grouped by the public sector, the private sector, and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).
  • STI Human Resource
    • The database contains the profiles (CVs) of S&T personnel involved in S&T activities from public and private institutions. The personnel is categorised into Malaysian S&T human resource profiles, Experts list and members of the Academy Science of Malaysia. The Directory of S&T Expert then published and disseminated it to interested S&T organisations or individuals.
  • STI Projects
    • The database also contains information on on-going and completed S&T projects conducted by institutions of higher learning (IHL) and government research institutes (GRI). These projects are funded by MESTECC's grants such as the ScienceFund, TecnoFund, InnoFund, IRPA (Malaysian Plan, MP: MP-6, MP-7, MP-8) and also projects funded by government agencies, universities and some private sectors.
  • STI Facilities & Equipment
    • This database contains a listing of S&T facilities and equipment allocated in various government agencies including universities. These include laboratories and specialised facilities, testing grounds, and equipment for R&D purposes and other S&T related activities . The Directory of S&T Facilities and Equipment is published to encourage sharing of S&T equipment and to prevent purchasing of the same S&T equipment among government agencies.
  • TECHMart
    • TECHMart contains research findings and innovations by local researchers with the potential for commercialisation. Local scientists are invited to take advantage of this platform to showcase their findings, to seek business partners and to enhance networking.
  • Suscribed Database : Tech Watch (Explorer), LawNet, Science Online
    • ​​These database offer valuable insight to identify and understand how and why technology will develop and see commercialization realistically, without the hype so prevalent in today's technology focused environment. Hopefully local organisations and individuals will get access to the latest strategic S&T information and knowledge at par with those in developed countries.
  • Knowledge Resource for Science and Technology Excellence, Malaysia (
    • is an initiative to enhance MESTECC's information management system. The system has been developed to integrate information silos from various databases and systems throughout the country. It will provides single point access to STI and R&D information.
    • is in line with MESTECC's responsibilities to generate STI knowledge through collecting, preparing, managing and disseminating of information of STI via ICT infrastructure. will:
      • Encourage collaboration among S&T communities via sharing of information on research and development (R&D) activities such as the Brain Gain programme and R&D commercialisation; 
      • Enhance the national R&D/S&T productivity as a result of effective sharing and exchanging of information among the STI communities;
      • Improve the sharing and searching capabilities of STI information to facilitate policy makers and central planning agencies in making effective and reliable decision;
      • Provide a platform for MESTECC to develop local STI information content and indigenous knowledge, and to preserve institutional memory through a Single Point Access Facility, SPAF.
      • Provide a platform for knowledge management activities such as collecting, saving, managing and disseminating STI information electronically based on its security level