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R&D Survey

Objektif Kajian

  1. Mengukur tahap aktiviti penyelidikan dan pembangunan (R&D) seluruh negara.

  2. Garis Panduan Frascati Manual, OECD Mematuhi definisi dan metodologi antarabangsa bagi perbandingan dan penandarasan.

  3. Kekerapan 1992-2008: 2 tahun sekali, mulai 2009 setiaptahun. MASTIC



MASTIC is responsible to maintain and operate the MESTECC's Library.  The library is MESTECC's Resource Centre committed to its mission to be a powerful source of knowledge provider in providing excellent collection and information services in support of MESTECC's vision to be the lead agency in the advancement of science, technology and innovation.

Current Status

The library has a substantial and diverse collection of science and technology (S&T) resources of various knowledge such as innovation, biotechnology, biodiversity, marine science, information & communication technology (ICT) and sustainable development, including information related to S&T policy, its management, technology forecast and environmental management.  To date, the collections consist of more than 13,000 volumes of monographs, 32 current subscriptions of magazines/journals, newspapers, online databases (in-house and commercial), multimedia resources, theses, annual reports, proceedings and reports.

Application Access

The Library is opened to government researchers/officials, students from higher learning institutions and professionals from public and private sectors.  For further information please logon directly to:


National Minimum Data Set (NMDS)


MASTIC has developed the NMDS database since 1994. This database contains information on S&T human resources such as researchers and experts who are in government departments/agencies, public and private research institutes, higher learning institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private companies conducting R&D activities and other S&T services in Malaysia. The data collection was aimed to find out the availability of S&T experts and the country's R&D capability in various S&T areas.

The NMDS data is collected through a coordinator that appointed by MASTIC from each local S&T organization. Each coordinator is responsible for coordinating the data collection and updating process in NMDS. In addition, this database has an online updating platform that allows researchers to register or update their respective particulars and get validated by the coordinator.


The NMDS database contains information on HRST Profiles such as field of research (FOR), academic background, awards & recognition, publications, research projects and S&T organisations.


MASTIC uses the definition of S&T human resources based on the Canberra Manual as follows:

  1. A person who successfully completed education at the third level in the field of S&T; or
  2. A person who not formally qualified as above, but employed in a S&T occupation where the above qualifications are normally required. 
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